Ullapool - Reykjavik

A voyage for those looking to explore - go on adventure - hike up the highest hills and sail through the night to the next island.

Ullapool - Reykjavik


Fri. 19 - 06 - '20
Sat. 11 - 07 - '20

23 days

3450 p.p | 15-25 years

4025 p.p | > 25 years

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Orkneys, Shetlands, Faroes. One of the highlights in our sailing season. Setting sail from Ullapool, a course north is set to first visit Stornoway, the Orkneys and then onwards to the Shetland Islands. Fair Isle is the first stop, then on to Foula or the mainland of the Shetlands. When the winds are good, a crossing of less then 24 hours will take us to the Faroe Islands. So much unspoiled nature, amazing walks and miles on end to sail between the islands. This leg is the voyage of islands, wool, sheep, knitting, a very picturesque voyage with lots of birds and wild life!! Setting course north, we will rediscover what the Vikings did a thousand years ago. Our first stop, after leaving Ullapool, will be Stornoway. The next day is spend exploring the sites of Gearannan black house village and the Callanish standing stones. That evening, sail can be set again with destination Hoy. Orkney’s second largest Island rises dramatically from the sea with Ward Hill towering 480 meters above sea level.

Then we contintue to Fair Isle, which is known for the warmth of its welcome to visitors, birds and their special knitting patterns. Located halfway between the Orkneys and Shetland. Next stop will be Lerwick, the famous old herring port. Lerwick bay used to be full with herring drifters of all sorts. Unst will be our last stop on the Shetlands. Hermaness National Nature Reserve has a great variety of wild live, birds as well as mammals.

If the weather is fair the cliffs off Slaettaratindur will be visible from a great distance. These are Europe’s highest sea cliffs at 882 meters above sea level. First port of call will be Torshavn, the capital of the Faroe’s, with beautiful black houses and stunning gardens. The Islands have much to offer, like the Viking excavation site at Kvivik.

The Faroe Islands are way out there in the North Atlantic current. This group of 18 islands is fully exposed to the fury of the Ocean. It is wind swept, being right in the path of the depressions moving North East. This makes it isolated and there for untouched. It is raw and rough, home to some of the world’s most awesome views. It will be the last thing to see before making landfall at Iceland! First stop will be Vestmannaeyjar, a Sherman’s island before arriving in Reykjavik, If we are lucky there will be time to explore a little of its rare beauties.

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