Tall Ships Race: A Coruña - Dunkirk

Join the winning crew and help us win this race.

A Coruña - Dunkirk


Sun. 26 - 07 - '20
Sat. 08 - 08 - '20

13 days

1400 p.p | 15-25 years

1705 p.p | > 25 years

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This year we will participate in a Tall Ships Race again. This sailing contest is organised by Sail Training International. One of the goals of the STI is to get youngsters sailing on Tall Ships to meet trainees from other countries. Besides the time you spend on board and the crew exchange programs, the STI organizes festivals in the cities where the races are organised. You will step on board on the 26th of July. Because the festivities in port will be in full swing, it could be that the OOSTERSCHELDE has an open ship or event. If there is an event on board, we will of course arrange an alternative program. A race is appealing for the true sailing-fans who are not afraid to get their hands dirty. There will be some fanatic sailing: continuously reefing and shaking the reefs, hoisting the sails and taking them down when the force and direction of the wind requires this, day in and day out. Although all the ships are different, they are a match for each other due to the different ratings. That means that you do not have to finish first to win the race. Because the race covers a relatively small area, the chances are high that we will regularly spot other ships around us. Two times a day we will be briefed through the radio on the position of the other ships and by noting down the positions in the map we will know if we did well or not in the past hours.

We will arrive in Dunkirk on the 6th of August in time for the crew parade, prize giving ceremony and the crew party. On the 8th of August, after breakfast, it is time to say goodbye to the ship, crew and your fellow trainees.

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