Scheveningen - Sevilla

Become a weathered sailor navigating the English Channel, the bay of Biscay and the coastlines of Spain and Portugal.

Scheveningen - Sevilla

Bark Europa

Tue. 03 - 09 - '19
Wed. 18 - 09 - '19

16 days days

1690 p.p | 4/6 prs cabin

1940 p.p | 2 prs cabin

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Wave Scheveningen goodbye from Europa's decks when you hoist the sails and head for the English Channel. Europa and her crew are famous for their impressive sight when entering or leaving the harbor. She will fly as many sails as the weather allows and you can help make this goodbye to Scheveningen unforgettable. Hoist the yards and pull the sheets, set the headsails and off you go towards the English Channel, the Bay of Biscay and Sevilla.

After leaving the harbor the crew will prepare you for the coming two weeks of sailing a traditional square rigger. You will learn the ropes, learn how the climb the rigging and how to keep a steady course on the helm.

Sailing the channel between England and France offers gorgeous sights. The coast is visible at times and the white beaches and cliffs are a rare treat seen from the sea.
At night when you stand look-out, you must be sharp because the Channel is a very busy stretch of water, in fact, it is the busiest shipping area in the world. Be prepared to see ships of every size and shape. Their lights are visible from a distance and on look-out, you will help the officers on watch to navigate these waters safely. Sometimes the lights from other ships blend in with the many lights on land and this, together with the Northern stars and glowing phosphorescence in the water creates a magical light show at sea.

When we exit the English Channel we will sail past île Ouessant, this island marks the north-westernmost point of France and officially lies in the Celtic Sea. The winds and currents around this headland can be challenging and this will be the perfect opportunity to practice all you’ve learned the past days. Sail handling in this area sometimes requires the complete crew on watch. Stand by the bunt- and clewlines and be ready to shorten sail!
From here you will sail towards the infamous Bay of Biscay. You will find your surroundings will start to become more and more quiet and the feeling of being truly out at sea will settle in. By now, you will be used to the routine on board and there will be time to help the permanent crew with traditional maintenance tasks and navigation. Working with leather, wood, metal, sailcloth, sextant, sea charts and all that is necessary and useful on board a traditional sailing vessel. During the day, lectures will be held about navigation, sail theory, maritime biology and much more.

The Bay of Biscay has made a name for itself throughout history for its temperamental weather conditions. Parts of the continental shelf extend far into the bay, resulting in fairly shallow waters in many areas and the rough seas for which this region is known for. During this voyage, we will not sail into the Bay of Biscay but pass it on our way south although some rough seas can be expected here.
Passing north-west Spain, we sail further south where Spain borders with Portugal. This coastline is an impressive sight and if the weather allows it, this area is worth a visit on shore. Nature, history, food, culture and the people in this region are wonderful.

The waters will become warmer and the wind will fill the sails of Europa when you steer south east towards Sevilla. The warmth of these waters shared with the many dolphins will be experienced in full when we stop for an Atlantic Ocean swim. Although those dolphins and perhaps a lonely wale can be spotted best from the mast while unfurling the T’Gallants.

After a good two weeks of sailing, you will arrive in Sevilla as a true weathered sailor with lots of newly acquired skills and memories to cherish.

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