Sal - Sète

Become a skilled sailor during this ocean sailing voyage.

Sal - Sète


Sat. 29 - 02 - '20
Tue. 31 - 03 - '20

31 days

2500 p.p | 4 prs cabin

2800 p.p | 2 prs cabin

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From the airport of Sal, you will travel to Palmeira, where the OOSTERSCHELDE will be waiting for you at anchor in the harbour. The crew welcomes you on board and shows you to your cabin. This long voyage offers you the opportunity to experience the true life of a sailor. You will be part of the crew and participate in the watches. Before we leave, the crew will give you extensive instructions. We have an ocean crossing ahead of us, so we will not make many stops. During the first leg of the voyage we will still be under the influence of the trade wind. That means good weather, but also a firm wind coming from the northeast. We will try to steer upwind, as much north as possible. If the circumstances are favourable, we might go to Madeira, but there is a bigger change we will go to Horta on the Azores. We will spend the day stocking up and for you this means you have time to explore the island. After this stop we will continue our way to Sète. We will leave the Tradewinds behind. It is very early in spring, so there is a chance we will encounter bad weather on this leg. Luckily the prevailing wind is west and therefore favourable for us. Close to the Azores there is a chance to spot whales, but also later on we won’t be alone. We will see more and more other ships and even this far out at sea there are still birds. We might see moonfishes, dolphins and other sea life. The next ‘way point’ is Gibraltar, where the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea meet and were we can see Europe and Africa. There is a big chance we will make a stop here to bunker and prepare for the last part of our trip. There could be lots of wind, but we will also have days that we can enjoy the lovely spring weather. If the trip goes fast, we might have time to make another stop along the south coast of Spain or on the Balearic Islands before we arrive, after one month at sea, in Sète.

A mile maker is a voyage that is meant to bring the ship from point A to point B as soon as possible. Depending on the weather it is possible that the duration of the mile maker is two days longer of shorter than expected. You pay a fixed price for your participation, regardless of the duration. During a long ocean voyage there is a chance of bad weather conditions and it will not be possible to make a stop in a harbour along the way. We advise people that are prone to seasickness or are in doubt about their mobility or fitness to book a different voyage.

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