Rouen - Scheveningen

Sail across the English Channel and bring Bark Europa back to her homeport

Rouen - Scheveningen

Bark Europa

Sat. 15 - 06 - '19
Sat. 22 - 06 - '19

8 days days

790 p.p | 4/6 prs cabin

960 p.p | 2 prs cabin

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Embarking in the French port of Rouen, we will set sail for the Liberty Tall Ship Regatta. Racing across the Northsea and through the English Channel we will compete with an international fleet of Tall Ships to arrive in our home port first. Join and sail home with us! The first night we will stay in port, and the next day we will join the other Tall Ship during the Sail Out. First we have to sail down the river Seine to Le Havre, after which the Regatta will start on June 17th. Joined by a fleet of international Tall Ships we will race across the North Sea towards our home port Scheveningen where we will be welcomed on June 20th during the Sail In. On June 21st is the traditional Crew Parade and Crew Party with all the trainees who participated in the Regatta. The next morning it is time to say goodbye to everyone and the ship.


Rouen is a French city which can be reached by sailing up the Seine River. The city is the capital of the Normandy region and was one of the richest cities during the Middle Ages.

The city was founded by a Gaulish tribe and was already important during Roman times. In 841 A.D. the city was overrun by Vikings, but the foundations of the Roman amphitheater and thermae can still be found today. Due to its favorable location on the river, the city prospered and gained richer as the textile industry grew, along with the export of wine and wheat to England. The harbor of Rouen has always been important for the development and wealth of the city. Goods were exported to and from whole of Europe and from the 16th century the port became the main French port for trade with the New World, mostly Brazil.

While Bark EUROPA is in Rouen, the city also celebrates the 75th Anniversary of D-Day and the liberation of occupied territory in Northwestern Europe.


On the coast a small fishing village was established in the 12th century and this spot was first called Scheveningen in a document from 1357, when the inhabitants asked a favor of the count who ruled the land. Just like the other villages along the coast, Scheveningen had no harbor and the vessels landed on the beach with their catch. The settlement was only protected by natural dunes and once in a while heavy storms were able to flood it and sweep away the buildings.

A heavy storm in 1894 was the starting point of construction work on a harbor. It was finished 10 years later and the traditional flat bottomed ships were replaced by herring luggers. Herring becomes the main catch of the fleet, and soon an auction location was build to sell the fish.The harbor is still there today and will this year, for the first time in her history, welcomes an international fleet of tall ships. Scheveningen is the final stop in the Liberty Tall Ship Regatta! Do you want to celebrate winning the Tall Ships Race with us?


​There is a special price of €680,- for youngsters (aged 15 - 25 years old) for this voyage.

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