Pasaia - Rotterdam

Coastal explorer

Pasaia - Rotterdam


Tue. 02 - 06 - '20
Sun. 14 - 06 - '20

12 days

1430 p.p | 4 prs cabin

1690 p.p | 2 prs cabin

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The Basque city of Pasaia has several faces. It is a large industrial port, but at the same time a sleepy fishermen’s village with medieval houses along the waterfront. It actually consists of several villages opposite each other on the banks of the river Oiartzun. The OOSTERSCHELDE was invited to attend the maritime festival in the city of Pasaia and is now preparing for the trip back to her homeport Rotterdam. Pasaia lies deep in the Gulf of Biscay close to the border of France. Although Biscay has a bad name, the weather is often good here. The neighbouring French town of Biarritz was not without reason the seaside resort for European nobility in the 19th century. Along the French coast we sail north. Based on the forecast, the captain decides if it is better to make some miles or to visit a beautiful island or village. There are many possibilities along the rugged coast of Brittany. On the northside of Biscay, the ocean changes into the continental shelf. From 5000 meters of depth we will go to 200 meters and the deep blue colour of the ocean changes to the greyer/green of the coastal waters. From the English Channel onward, it will be easier to plan the rest of our sailing trip. There are many places where we could make a stopover on either the French or British coast. We will likely visit Alderney. It is right on our route and has a sheltered bay where we can anchor. Via Dover Strait we will enter the North Sea. We will leave the white cliffs on both sides behind and we pass by sandy beaches and sand banks. Around us we will see many other ships. Almost all cargo from China and other parts of the world that are shipped to Europa will go to Antwerp, Rotterdam or Hamburg and all those vessels pass us by. Add the tugs, fishing vessels, ferries and workboats and you will know there will be lots to see along the way. The Belgian city of Oostende could be great stop as well. At the end of the voyage we will sail up the New Waterway to our homeport Rotterdam, where we started our sailing trip over 7 months ago.

This description is meant to give you an impression of how a voyage could look like. Depending on wind and weather conditions the travel plan could be altered, however we always try to sail as much as possible. It is not mandatory, but we invite everyone to participate in the watches and to help sail, steer and navigate the ship.

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