Ocean sailing: Cape Town - Azores

Cape Town - Azores


Fri. 03 - 04 - '20
Tue. 26 - 05 - '20

54 days

4320 p.p | 15-25 years

4320 p.p | > 25 years

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Traveling from Cape Town to the Azores is a true Ocean adventure. A voyage of 54 days with over 5000 miles, crossing the equator, possibly visiting St Helena and Ascension Island before finishing the voyage on an island group in the middle of the ocean, the Azores. Setting sail from Cape Town, where the Tecla will be moored at the Waterfront in the harbour, there is a near guarantee of spotting some fairy penguins or dolphins playing at the bow wave. With many miles ahead of us, sail will be set and the traditional S turn will be used to sail with the wind from the South Atlantic into the North Atlantic. Following the Benguela current into the South Equatorial Current taking the North East wind into a patch of variable winds until the Gulfstream and the West winds set the Tecla in the direction of the Azores. A big S turn that seems the long way, but is an amazing sailing route! Crossing the equator is a true experience. The changing weather, with changing clouds and winds until there is mostly sunshine and hardly a breeze when you meet Neptune! Visit St Helena and Ascension island as part of this amazing voyage. Two islands in the middle of the ocean! These islands are tropical islands, rocky but with clear blue water and white sandy beaches. Staying on these islands, depends a lot on the weather, so there is no guarantee. With so many days at sea watches will become part of your day to day rhythm and sail changes will be your exercise of the day. Ocean voyages like this one are all about getting into the rhythm of the ship, the watches and the ocean. The weather system drives the ship and together with everybody on board you will get the ship to her destination.

The Tecla crew is known to take a dip in the ocean, while the ship is sailing! Are you up for an adventure? Bring it on! This voyage will also include a crossing of the equator. And so you will meet Neptune and his wife…. Are you ready to be welcomed into the realm of the Sea Turtle?

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