Magellan: Cape Verde - Montevideo

Cross the equator in the wake of Magellan.

Cape Verde - Montevideo

Bark Europa

Sat. 12 - 10 - '19
Thu. 14 - 11 - '19

34 days

2890 p.p | 4/6 prs cabin

3700 p.p | 2 prs cabin

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In September 2019 Bark EUROPA will depart from Sevilla to commemorate the voyage of Ferdinand Magellan. In 1519, Ferdinand Magellan departed from Sevilla for the first circumnavigation of the Earth. Set sail with us and celebrate the 500th year anniversary of this heroic adventure. We will leave from Sevilla, Spain and make our way South across the ocean and into the Strait of Magellan in Chile where we will arrive on December 12, 2019, in Punta Arenas. Europa will visit Puerto Williams and Cape Horn on our way to Antarctica. After visiting the white wilderness we will follow Magellan’s route again and sail the Pacific Ocean in early 2020. From the Cape Verdian Islands we will cross the ocean for a journey along the coast of Brazil, just like Magellan. Although Magellan made a stop in the Bay of Rio de Janeiro, we will sail further to Montevideo. With more than a month at sea, there is more than enough time to assist in sail handling, helping with daily maintenance projects, sailtraining, learning about (celestial) navigation, ocean winds and currents. At night, you can admire the spectacular starry skies.

Another impressive mark during this voyage is the crossing of the Equator. When crossing this ‘line’ it is a ritual to honor king Neptune with an offer. In return the King himself will visit the ship and makes all pollywogs into hardened shellbacks.

After just over a month at sea it is high time to stretch those sea legs on shore. After a voyage full of adventures with doldrums, swimming, lunch on deck, nice sailing, climbing the rigging and steering the ship the EUROPA arrives at Montevideo.

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