Midnight sun: Tromsø - Bodø

Voyage above the polar circle

Tromsø - Bodø


Thu. 15 - 08 - '19
Sun. 25 - 08 - '19

10 days

1500 p.p | 4 prs cabin

1700 p.p | 2 prs cabin

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This voyage above the polar circle will be a real explorer voyage. A voyage which is suitable for sailors and hikers, for photographers, biologists, fishers and people who seek tranquillity. We will sail relatively short distances, so we have plenty of time to enjoy the area on shore as well. Depending on the weather forecast and weather conditions the captain will decide each morning where to go that day. In between the numerous islands there is always a good spot to anchor in a sheltered bay almost every evening. If people on board want to, we can fish for salmon or codfish and catch our own dinner. Meanwhile others can enjoy a nice hike in the rugged nature on shore.

Tromsø is a lively student town, which has a few notorious museums, such as the Polar museum. In this museum, the history of the polar expeditions is exhibited. Also well known is the sea-aquarium.

The region of Tromsø is sparsely populated. As soon as we leave Tromsø behind, we are surrounded by unspoiled nature. We are not in a rush so we take our time sailing south between the countless islands. Because of the midnight sun, it barely gets dark at night so if we find a nice place to anchor we can enjoy a walk on shore.

Senja is the second-largest island of Norway. The west coast is mountainous, with colourful fishing villages in sheltered inlets. The east coast has lakes, forests and unexpected green plains. We will make multiple stops on this gorgeous island and go on hikes to explore the rugged nature and spot birds.

The area between Senja and Andenes, where the continental plate collides with the deep sea, is famous for its many whales. If the sea conditions allow us we will of course sail here. Chances are high that we will spot some whales.

Then we will continue our way south and arrive at the Vesteralen. The waters are very nutritious and so many fish can be found. Millions of birds depend on this richness. Colourful puffins, cormorants, and sea eagles live here.

Then we will get closer to the Lofoten. This archipelago is famous for its dramatic coastline with steep mountain ridges, remote beaches, sheltered bays and unspoiled nature. One of the many highlights of the area is the Trollfjord, a small fjord with a narrow entrance and steep cliffs that rise up hundreds of meters. If we are lucky, we encounter one of the groups of orcas that live in this area permanently.

Via the picturesque fishing village of Henningvaer we will get near our final destination. Perhaps we have time to go to the museum village of Nusfjord. If the wind is favourable, we might cross to the Ofoten, the mainland. Bodø, our final destination, has few inhabitants. Compared to the small villages we encountered during this voyage, the town has lots to offer to enjoy a nice last evening.


This description is meant to give you an impression of how a voyage could look like. Depending on wind and weather conditions the travel plan could be altered, however we always try to sail as much as possible.

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