Kiel - Scheveningen

Experience sailing a tall ship during this short trip.

Kiel - Scheveningen


Sun. 28 - 06 - '20
Wed. 01 - 07 - '20

4 days

480 p.p | 4 prs cabin

560 p.p | 2 prs cabin

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The OOSTERSCHELDE is moored along the Sartorikai in Kiel on walking distance from Kiel Central Station. The captain will welcome all guests onboard. As soon as everybody is on board, he will explain all the (safety) rules onboard and will go through the plans for the voyage. We will depart that same day and sail via the Kiel Fjord to the locks of Holtenau, where we will spend the night. Early next morning we will go through the locks to the ‘Nord-Ostsee Kanal’. There is a lot to see on the channel, for example the impressive bridges and the big seagoing vessels that we come across or pass us by. During the period on the channel we give you instructions on the rigging and about sailing with a three-masted topsail schooner. As soon as we are at Brünsbuttel we set sail on the Elbe. With all the big vessels around us it is very adventurous to sail on this fast-flowing river. We hope for a high-pressure area with an easterly wind, so we can sail the whole voyage. In Scheveningen you will disembark.

It is also possible to join our combination trip and continue this trip to Brest. In Scheveningen, new guests will be joining us for the rest of the sailing voyage to Brest.

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