Greenland Expedition: Isafjordur - Nuuk

Navigate along the edge of the ice to find our way into Greenland

Isafjordur - Nuuk


Thu. 27 - 06 - '19
Thu. 18 - 07 - '19

22 days days

3630 p.p | 15-25 years

4180 p.p | > 25 years

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Isafjordur, the capital of the Westfjords lies safely behind a sand spit. Helgi Magri Hrólfsson first settled here in the 9th century after seeing its potential. In later years, the town became important to the Danes as a trading post. Throughout this time, the fishing industry has been the main support for the inhabitants of Isafjordur and the rest of the Westfjords. For us it is the gateway to the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, on the edge of the Arctic Circle. A fast area largely abandoned in the 1950 and left to look after its self. There are no roads, making a ship, the only possible way into the reserve. The people who used to live here cultivated small pieces of land to support their cattle with hay during the darker months. And although during summer many birds and eggs where taken from the bird cliffs, fishing was the main in come for the people of the Hornstrandir area. After the abandonment, the flora slowly started to recover its former and original state. The now 260 flowering plants and ferns are a good summer hide out for the arctic foxes who made their own recovery. A hand full of houses abandoned and restored are the last reminder of the little civilization once present. Depending on the weather and the forecast we, shape our course. Our first destination might be Hornbjarg and its towering bird cliffs. It is home to many seabirds during the short and intensive summer. Razorbills, Guillemots, Kittiwakes and Fulmars are the main inhabitants. They are fair game for the Arctic fox and her cups. Always luring and risking their own lives to secure an evening meal. The walks up the cliffs are breathtaking. It gives a great view into the Greenland Sund, over the bay and mountains to the East.

Setting off for Greenland we leave civilization behind and set off over the Atlantic towards the south of Greenland. Depending on the Ice prediction at that time will have to stay 100 miles out of the coast until we reach the bottom of Greenland as there is to much drift ice along the coast and the entrances to the fjords are hazardous.

Making our way to Nuuk, there will be several gorgeous fjords we can attempt to visit. With 22 days to get to Nuuk, the have plenty of time for some real exploring as well. Nuuk as a city is the largest and fastest growing city of Greenland. With over 17.000 inhabitants, it is still a small city. This gives you the opportunity to really experience how the local people live in Greenland. Historically, Nuuk had inhabitants long before the Vikings came there, even before the Inuits settled nearby, Nuuk was already a place where people gathered. Nuuk has an international Airport where you can fly to from Reykjavik.

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