Horta - Rouen

Sail with us from the islands of the Azores to a city in France

Horta - Rouen

Bark Europa

Thu. 30 - 05 - '19
Fri. 14 - 06 - '19

16 days days

1600 p.p | 4/6 prs cabin

2040 p.p | 2 prs cabin

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After a year of ocean wandering EUROPA is back in European waters. From the famous port of Horta, on the Azores, we will set sail towards the European mainland. We sail through the English Channel. In the Channel we will sail past the islands of Guernsey and Jersey, until we reach the port of Le Havre. Here we will sail up the river Seine, through a national park towards the historic city of Rouen. We will be just in time to participate in the last days of the Armada Rouen. We will meet the other Tall Ships, before we set sail home to Scheveningen. Armada Rouen coincides with the 75th anniversary of D-Day.


The nine Portuguese islands, dominated by a volcanic mountain range, offer a rare and unspoiled natural beauty. There are meadows filled with the scent of wild herbs. Vivid, colourful flowers line the roads. It is quite the perfect setting to relax. The Azores are also a perfect place to watch whales and different species of dolphins.
Horta is the capital city of the Island Faial, also called Ilha Azul (blue island). The blooming Hydrangea are found everywhere on the island, creating a blue see of flowers in June and July. Horta has a popular marina for sailing vessels that are on a transatlantic voyage. Horta’s renowned marina has become an open-air gallery of colourful painted murals by sailing crew before departing on their next voyage.

Rouen is a French city which can be reached by sailing up the Seine River. The city is the capital of the Normandy region and was one of the richest cities during the Middle Ages.
The city was founded by a Gaulish tribe and was already important during Roman times. In 841 A.D. the city was overrun by Vikings, but the foundations of the Roman amphitheater and thermae can still be found today. Due to its favorable location on the river, the city prospered and gained richer as the textile industry grew, along with the export of wine and wheat to England. The harbor of Rouen has always been important for the development and wealth of the city. Goods were exported to and from whole of Europe and from the 16th century the port became the main French port for trade with the New World, mostly Brazil.


​There is a special price of €1495,- for youngsters aged 15 - 25 years old for this voyage.

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