Cape Horn & Antarctica

Antarctica, South Georgia, Tristan da Cuna

Punta Arenas - Cape Town


Sat. 01 - 02 - '20
Tue. 24 - 03 - '20

53 days

8424 p.p | 15-25 years

9360 p.p | > 25 years

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From Punta Arenas we set off on our Cape to Cape voyage. Visiting Puerto Williams and hopefully Cape Horn, before sailing across the Drake Passage. This trip we will not only visit the Antarctic peninsula but also South Georgia. South Georgia used to be home to many whaling factories not so long ago. Today South Georgia, like Antarctica is highly protected! It is only permanently inhabited by scientist. This enabled the flora and fauna to start to recover. The elephant seals are again king on the beach! From South Georgia we will start our crossing of the South Atlantic Ocean with one more possible stop before Cape Town, the Island of Tristan da Cuna, a tiny dot in the middle of the ocean!

During our stay on the peninsula it is likely to be in company of Humpback whales, Fin Whales and Minkey whales. The most southern continent also has its own kind of fauna like the many penguins, but also a great variety of seals. If the ice allows us we will try to transit the Le Maire channel with it awesome views!

This epic voyage takes you through the Southern Ocean where the West Winds blow. A place known for its strong winds, the Howling Forties, Fierce Fifties and Screaming Sixties will be our play ground. The Tecla is a sturdy vessel that does well in stronger winds because of her low masts. The mainsail can be reefed to the second reef as can the mizzen. Also on board are some storm sails for the longer periods of strong winds. But don’t you worry, there will also be light weather sails on board to get through those amazing sunny days sailing up to South Africa!


On the islands of the Southern Ocean, there are many species that can be seen in their natural habitat, undisturbed by human interference. There are birds, seals and penguins (and many other species) to be spotted, so do not forget your camera!

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