Crossing the Polar Circle: Bergen - Bodø

Discover the impressive Norwegian Coast

Bergen - Bodø


Tue. 23 - 07 - '19
Sun. 04 - 08 - '19

12 days

1800 p.p | 4 prs cabin

2040 p.p | 2 prs cabin

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During this voyage we will combine sailing with exploring the famous coast of Norway with gorgeous fjords. Impressive rock formations, birds, overwhelming nature and the hundreds of islands are appealing to hikers, sailors and nature-lovers. We will sail more north, until we are above the polar circle! The route depends on the weather. To cover larger distances we will sail at open sea. Then we will also spend the night at sea sailing through the night. If the wind is unfavourable, we prefer to sail shorter distances and sail into the fjords to discover the most beautiful villages and places there. But, whichever way the wind blows, there are a few places that we definitely do not want to miss!

After Bergen, the landscape become more and more rugged. We sail through a nice area with fjords and islands to sail through. On the mountains surrounding us, we will see small villages and summer houses once in a while. We hope to visit the island of Runde.

Runde is well known for her huge bird cliffs. Approximately 600.000 birds breed here each year. The most common ones are puffins, great skuas, gannets and shags. But lots of migratory birds use Runde as a stopover too.

Alesund is the largest fishing port of Norway. After the town burned down in 1904, the town is completely renovated in the Jugendstil, with help of the German emperor Wilhelm. Particularly the old city centre is worth a look for people who are into architecture. The surroundings of Alesund are famous for their gorgeous fjords and impressive mountains. A tendril of the Atlantic Gulf stream is favourable for our direction and helps us making our way more north. The relatively warm water of the Atlantic Gulf stream in combination with the cold deep waters of Norway, make nutritious waters which attract lots of whale species.

Rørvik is a small harbour town in the region Vikna. With over 6000 islands, the Vikna archipelago is an attraction. A little more north, on the island Vikingen, is a monument which indicates that we are crossing the polar circle. The large ships of the Hurtigruten celebrate that with a ceremony. And why not, it is a very special place!

In the old days, the people lived mainly of the fishing industry. You can still find the distinctive wooden racks on which the codfish was dried everywhere. Bødo, our final destination, has more to offer than the small villages we will encounter during our trip. More than enough to have a great last evening here.


This description is meant to give you an impression of how a voyage could look like. Depending on wind and weather conditions the travel plan could be altered, however we always try to sail as much as possible.

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