Azores - Ullapool

A sailors delight

Azores - Ullapool


Thu. 28 - 05 - '20
Wed. 17 - 06 - '20

21 days

2420 p.p | 15-25 years

2650 p.p | > 25 years

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This voyages offers many different possibilities, weather systems, sailing routes and crew included. Although it nearly feels like an ocean crossing, it might be more of a homecoming for the Tecla. Setting off from the Azores and heading for one of her favorite ports, we will cross these 1800+ miles in 21 days. This means possibly some extra time to visit the Outer Hebrides or perhaps Ireland. If the weather is not favourable, a route through the Irish Sea (which can be fairly choppy!) could be considered as well. Throughout this voyage there will be great opportunities to spot whales. From Horta until the Outer Hebrides! From a green island with an old volcano to the rough highlands of Scotland. This voyage has it all. For bird lovers and wildlife spotters, this is a beautiful voyage. On the Azores you will find many gannets, shearwaters, gulls and more. When we arrive on the Outer Hebrides, the breading season is in full swing. Nests will be starting to fly out and many birds can be spotted trying out their wings close to land. For big sea wildlife may is the perfect months to set of from the Azores. With Sei Whales, Blue Whales and Fin Whales passing the islands on their annual migration track. Setting sail North, their track will be followed for a long time! Dolphins and smaller whales can be spotted as well. Minke Whales will be present around the Azores and in Scotland. And with some luck a Killer Whale might be spotted around the Outer Hebrides as well.

On the Azores the Tecla will be moored in Horta on the island Faial. Horta is THE place to be for sailors who have crossed an ocean. You might not have crossed that ocean yet, it is a great atmosphere to start your journey with. Most of the sailors there are heading back from the Caribbean and most of them meet in the bar called Peter Sport, just opposite the harbour.

Once underway, away from this beautiful island group, there is about 1400 miles of no land ahead. With the prevailing South Westerly winds, the voyage back can be one of a beam reach tack all the way. BUT as it is spring, the weather is all but stable and depressions are still sweeping in from the west. Which makes it all the more of an adventure to find the right winds and make the best possible plan.

The finishing point of this voyage is Ullapool in Scotland. Ullapool has been our departure harbor for many years, while we set of for the Outer Hebrides and St Kilda, as well as our voyage up to Reykjavik, Iceland. Ullapool is a friendly small fishing port with beautiful hikes into the mountains, walks to the local pub and amazing fresh fish. But before Tecla enters this beautiful port, places like St Kilda, the Shiants and Skye might be visited first!

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