Antarctica Expedition: Falkland Islands - Punta Arenas

Tecla in search of the lost continent

Falkland Islands - Punta Arenas


Sat. 04 - 01 - '20
Thu. 30 - 01 - '20

27 days days

8190 p.p | 15-25 years

9100 p.p | > 25 years

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Tecla will be calling into port Stanley January 2020, like we did in 2013. This time, instead of going north we will set off for the south! Before setting off for the lost continent we will explore the shores and the Falklands Islands. Colourful wildlife, like the king penguin and rock hopers, are the main attractions. When starting the crossing of the feared and famous Drake passage, we hope that Elephant Island will be our first land fall. Following this chain of islands, we will come to the South Shetland Islands. As highlight the imploded Deception Island. From there, our journey continues to take in the sights of the great white continent. Possible places to visit are Half-moon bay, Paradise harbour, Port Lockroy, al depending on the weather conditions. During our stay on the peninsula it is likely to be in company of Humpback whales, Fin Whales and Minkey whales. The most southern continent also has its own kind of fauna like the many penguins, but also a great variety of seals among whom we can hopefully find the fearsome looking leopard seal. If the ice allows us we will try to transit the Le Maire channel with it awesome views! After a lifechanging cruise through this new world, it is time to set off for Tierra Del Fuego, the land of fire. On our way across the Drake Passage we hope to make land fall at Cape Horn. This rock is an icon for many brave sailors. After clearing into Chili in the world’s most southerly village, Puerto Williams we hope to have a look around Isla Navarino. Our last leg is surely no less than the others, the Beagle Channel with at the end our port of destination, Punta Arenas. So many places to visit, so many impressions.

This voyages gives you the opportunity to see all the different sorts of penguins. On the Falkland Islands there are 4 different species and on Antarctica you might find other different sorts.

Starting with the Gentoo, Magellanic, Rockhopper and King pinguïn. You will also be able to spot the Macaroni, Adelie and Chinstrap Penguins.


For many years people speculated about the shape of the earth. One missing piece was the weight that kept the earth from tipping over. Aristotle already speculated about a region bearing the same relation to the south pole as the one in the north. Antarktike would be the female form of Antarktikos. Meaning as much as across from Arctic. Much later this missing continent even had a name, Terra Australis. The British explorer Matthew Flinders mapped great parts of the continent now known as Australia. He claimed there was “no probability “of finding any land mass further south than “his” Australia. Claims like these didn’t stop brave men from venturing further and further south. By 1820 the continent surrounding the south pole was found. It stayed well hidden in the Antarctic mist and was the object of many great expeditions. Some in search of its supposed natural resources, some in search of the whales, some in search of fame!

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