Iceland: Isafjordur-Isafjordur

Glowing Meadows and Melting Glaciers

Isafjordur - Isafjordur


Sun. 19 - 07 - '20
Sun. 26 - 07 - '20

8 days

1280 p.p | 15-25 years

1520 p.p | > 25 years

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These two shorter trips will focus on the Isafjardadjup area and are easy to combine with a longer stay on the Island. With its main attraction Hornstrandir National Park. The area was largely abandoned in the second world war. Nowadays some of the houses are back in use during summer.

About 260 species of flowering plants and ferns are known to grow in the nature reserve area. Most of these species are common in the West Fjords, but there are also rare species in the region. The region has been totally preserved against grazing for several decades. Continuous growth reaches an altitude of no more than 300-400 metres. Field mice are common in the area, but foxes are the prevailing mammals. Seals, are common sight on the beach.

About 30 species of birds nest in the nature reserve, and many more species can be observed. The most interesting points for bird watching are the bird cliffs, Hornbjarg, Hælaví­kurbjarg and Riturinn, with their superabundance of birds! It is a great place to do day hikes and just take in the overwhelming sights!

For this short sail, we will spend about 60% sailing and 40% on shore. It will be a unique opportunity to see Iceland from the water and combine it with a land based trip.


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