Greenland: Scoresbysund - Reykjavik

Sailing to Iceland

Scoresbysund - Reykjavik


Wed. 09 - 09 - '20
Fri. 25 - 09 - '20


4000 p.p | 15-25 years

4640 p.p | 2 prs cabin

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Situated on the East side of Greenland and going 68 miles inland, the Scoresbysund fjord will give shelter and provide us with a beautiful sailing ground. The Scoresbysund is said to be a treelike fjord, with many branches to explore. The surroundings are mostly mountainous, with high cliffs rising out of the water. Ittoqqortoormiit will probably be the only town we will see. Founded in 1925, this town is one of the most remote towns of Greenland, with a population of between the 400 and 500 residents. During our expeditions on shore the land animals we could encounter include muskox, Arctic fox, stoat, mountain hare and lemmings. Birds would be too many to mention, but some of our favourites are the little auk, the puffins, the snowy owl, snow goose, herring gull and many more. Among the mammals we hope to see the Atlantic walrus, narwhal and sometimes beluga whale. This voyage ends in Reykjavik the crossing will take about 2 to 3 days. We will keep a close eye on the weather reports so we will know what the perfect moment is to start the crossing. Depending on the weather we will spend 1 week to 9 days in Greenland and depending on this our time in Iceland is determined, but it is likely we will make one other stop in Iceland before we arrive in Reykjavik.

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