Doubting to step on board?

A few reasons to enrich your life with a unique sailing experience

If you are doubting to get on board, here are a few reasons to join.

Visit fascinating destinations. We sail to many great destinations, some of them cannot be visited other than by ship. In our voyages we like to explore, go beyond the ordinary destinations. That is why you will find us in Greenland, Cape Verde, Antarctica and even on deserted or remote islands, like St Kilda or Ascension Island.

Make new friends. On board the Dutch Tall Ships, you are a part of the crew. Since you cannot sail a Tall Ship alone, we all need to work together. It is very likely you will make new friends for life on board.

Experience solitude. On the other hand, sailing is also great opportunity to spend some time alone. Leave stress and noise behind for few days or weeks, and experience the freedom of solitude. There is no internet on board…

Enjoy a great playing field. Since about 71% of the earth is covered with water, we have a great exciting playing field! Never a dull moment on the ever-changing waters.

Inspiring voyages