Travel the world sustainably

Powered by the elements, catching the fair winds in our sails.

Since we experience the vastness of the oceans every day, we try to limit our ecological footprint when discovering the world. Our voyages are all about sailing, keeping enough time in our sailing schedules to use our engines only when truly necessary. Like when we are maneuvering in the harbor, or when there is no wind at all to help us sail in the right direction.

With only limited room on board moderate use of fresh water, recycling and waste management are second nature to us. Most food is bought locally in the ports we visit. So our dishes differ per voyage, but no worries, they are always delicious. Our cooks are experts in making sure no food is spilled. And if we have the chance, we like to catch our own meal.

On board, we have water purification systems, so we turn the salty ocean water into drinking water. There is no need for bottled water on board.

We encourage our sailors to bring eco-friendly shampoo and cosmetics and other easy choices to help reduce garbage.

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21 - 06 - 2021
8 days
price p.p. from
€ 1280