Solo traveling

Meet new lifelong friends on board

If your friends don’t want to come, but travelling on board a tall ship is your dream, don’t miss out on the opportunity to do it. Many sailors come as individuals and we welcome couples and groups of friends too. Some are used to solo traveling, while others are taking the plunge for the first time.

However, what most sailors have in common is that they are sociable and happy to meet new people. Traveling solo but within a group, as on board our ships guarantees a social network during your voyage. Because you have chosen the same trip, you’re guaranteed to be surrounded by people with common interests.

A voyage on board one of the Dutch Tall Ships is for sure not a dull cruise, it is a true adventure were you will be all working together to sail the ship. You will find yourself sharing deep conversations with someone which was a stranger to you just a few days ago. Being together on watch at midnight, in the middle of the ocean, is a great moment to share what really matters to you. Seeing the most beautiful sunsets, being amazed by the wildlife surrounding us or facing a storm together will connect you with yourself and with your fellow sailors. We often see that people are making lifelong friends from all over the world during their voyage.

Coming on board alone can be the perfect situation to face who you are, what you care about and what you want to do in life. Do yourself a favor and travel solo at least once – it’s one of the best ways to learn and challenge oneself.

Inspiring voyages

Bark Europa

01 - 02 - 2020
22 days days
price p.p. from
€ 8380


22 - 12 - 2020
11 days
price p.p. from
€ 1665