Scientific research

Helping with international research on climate change and meteorology

The Dutch Tall Ship cross the oceans following the traditional sailing routes, which are often a long way from the routes of commercial trade. This makes our sailing voyages exceptionally interesting for scientific research. During our sail around the world in 2013 we had special equipment on board taking measurements of air and water which are being used for international research on climate change and meteorology. Last year several floaters and drifters where deployed along the route from Cape Town to Horta, activities that we will pursue in the coming years.

The Dutch Tall Ships are pleased to take part in many different scientific projects. In 2017 and 2018 for example we have been involved in the deployment of ARGO floats, research on the presence of (micro) plastics in the oceans, samples registering the salinity of seawater and photography and research on ocean waves in rarely visited parts of the ocean.

Currently bark EUROPA is on her ocean crossing from Cape Town to the Azores. She is involved in two researches. A researcher in marine biology from Bangor University U.K. is taking daily water samples to assess plankton diversity in surface waters. The samples of sea water will be taken back to Bangor University for further analysis of salinity and transmittance. In addition, researchers of Wageningen University are collecting samples of plastics with a mantra trawl in the ocean and on the beaches of islands such as St. Helena, Ascension Island and the Azores. This data will be used tying into existing research on examining the sources of macro and micro plastics. Also a study will be conducted on communication strategies of marine plastic pollution and human perception on the matter.

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