Sailing in Cape Verde

Explore at least 6 islands

Sailing with a large and genuine sailing ship is a special experience. Account has to be taken of the vagaries of weather at all times. Conditions at sea are never constant. The sea between the
islands is extremely suitable for sailing. There is a permanent wind (NE trade wind, force 4 up to 7 Bft) and the ‘Oosterschelde’ is in her element on the long ocean swell. There are very little other ships on the water, except for a fisherman boat every now and then. On board of the ‘Oosterschelde’ one is not a passenger but a part of the guest crew. You will be assigned together with the crew to sail, steer and navigate the ship. You will also be instructed on how you and the other guests can participate in the life onboard and in case of an emergency. Sailing experience is not required for this. The crew will be happy to explain the functions of all the ropes, halyards and sheets to you.


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