Reduce your carbon footprint by taking a sailing ship instead of a plane

Travel the world sustainably

Tecla, Oosterschelde and Europa roam the seas of the world in the most traditional way, by making use of the trade winds on the old trading routes. This way we try to reduce our carbon footprint, while also trying to reduce our use of plastics to the minimum and to use our engines as little as possible.

During long ocean crossings, the ocean may sometimes appear as a vast, empty place. But less than ten minutes of trawling shows otherwise, revealing that the oceans are full with microscopic animals. We care for the seas we wander and the animals we see during or trips. The curious whales and playful dolphins around the ship and the numerous birds that rest on deck during their long flights remind us to respect the oceans and its inhabitants.

Therefore, we try to engage not only in sail training, but also in raising awareness about the state of the ocean and the dangers it faces. We hope to educate and inspire our trainees to take action in protecting the oceans. We have been joined in the past by oceanographers, astronomers and marine biologists and their presence and knowledge is always highly appreciated by trainees and crew.

Inspiring voyages


22 - 12 - 2020
11 days
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€ 1665