Landings and guides

Lectures about the flora and fauna of Antarctica

Ice masses will get bigger when we get closer to the mainland. Steep glaciers, walls of ice with magical shapes and surreal colors will surround the ship. We will anchor in sheltered bays practically every day. However, which islands we visit all depends on what Mother Nature allows us to. This is the true Antarctic experience!

During the Antarctica expedition, there will be nature guides on board, who know the area very well. They will give lectures on board the ship about flora and fauna, will prepare you for the landings ashore and will guide you on the shore walks. All our guides have passed the online assessments of IAATO (International Association Antarctica Tour Operators) which certifies a detailed understanding of the obligations inherent of the Antarctic Treaty and therefore hold an environmental responsibility towards the Peninsula.

During the natural history lectures you will learn to see the differences between various species of birds, marine mammals and seals. In this way, you will be developing not only sail handling skills but also expanding knowledge on wildlife, history, glaciology, meteorology and other topics related to the trip.

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