Know your knots

A little sail training

Although on board our crew will teach you how to make knots (if you don’t know it already), here are a few basics tips and tricks for a simple knot for those who already want to practice at home.

A very commonly used knot is the bowline. The great advantage of the bowline, is that no matter how tight it is, you can always untie it. Here is a little rhyme to remember how to make a bowline: “The rabbit comes out of the hole, goes around back of the tree, and then jumps back into the hole.”

The rhyme explained: First, form a small loop in the line in your hand. Then, pass the end up of the line through the loop from underneath (the rabbit comes out of the hole). Wrap the line around the standing line and back down through the loop (around the tree and back down the hole). Tighten the knot by pulling the end of the rope.

There are many more knots to learn. Like a challenge? Just ask our crew!

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