Interior Oosterschelde

Relax in the a beautifully decorated and spacious salon

The ‘Oosterschelde’ has become a favourite of sea and nature fans. People do not sail with her for a luxury cruise. The main feature is always active and direct exposure to the sea and sailing, the region being travelled and its fauna. The ship is nevertheless furnished comfortably and supplied with all modern conveniences. All cabins are fitted with a washbasin with hot and cold running water. Showers are communal. In the spacious and stylishly appointed salon there are reading tables, seating areas and a piano. The floor heating and wood-burning stove ensure an agreeable temperature inside. In the salon the captain or first mate will inform you on the progress of the voyage and the weather on a daily basis. The library offers books on the area being travelled, the flora and fauna and other ships. General literature is also available, as are a number of DVD’s and magazines. Life on board is enhanced by the good meals prepared by our professional chef.

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