Interior Tecla

The Living area of the Tecla is an open space where the kitchen and communal area are combined. The living area gives a feeling of coming home. Dinner while sailing can be served outside when the weather permits. But when it is cold and the rain is pouring out of the sky, the living area is comfortable and warm. On evenings in harbour the whole crew can eat downstairs as there is no need to hold the helm.

There are 8 cabins, each for 2 persons. The cabins are situated in the middle of the Tecla and two of the cabins are in the front. Your bunk is inside one of the two person cabins. Your bed will be either the high or the lower bed of a bed bunk. All beds are over 80cm wide and 2 meters long. Each bed has a reading light for the evening hours. The cabins are ensuite. In a wet cell you will find a shower, of course with hot and cold water, and a toilet, that when possible flushes with outside water. In the cabin itself you will find a fountain and mirror. Your clothing can be stored in closet and your bag or suitcase can be stored under the bed.

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21 - 06 - 2021
8 days
price p.p. from
€ 1280