How many sails?

Technical facts and figures

​Build 1911
Home port Scheveningen, Netherlands
LOA 56 meter
Width 7.4 meter
Draught 3.9 meter
Hight 33 meter
Max. Sails 1250 m2
Engines 2 x 365 pk Caterpillar
Call Sign PDZS

​Things you like to know about sailing with the EUROPA:
Number of sails: The EUROPA has 24 sails ready to fly. Adding 6 studding sails makes 30 sails in total
Maximum speed: The max hull speed is just over 13 knots. In reality 12.5 knots has been made
All sails up: It takes about 45 minutes to hoist all sails
All sails down: It takes about 5 minutes to take all sails down
Rope on board: Including all sheets, halyards, clew and buntlines, brasses and mooring lines
there is 5,5 kilometer rope on board
Close hauled: The EUROPA can sail on a 65 degrees close hauled course

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