Back to nature

Why you need to spend more time in nature

One extra reason to book a trip on board a Tall Ship is to take this opportunity to be close to nature and to be really part of it. With the voyages of Dutch Tall Ships you will be taken for days or weeks. Across the ocean, or visiting remote islands with impressive and unspoiled nature, or even visit the white continent Antarctica. And what better reason to join one of the voyages than to be taking good care of your own mind, happiness and health.

Many studies carried out by scientists show us that being outdoors and spending time in nature is good for you. It would reduce your stress hormone, gives you happiness and gives you a feeling of serenity.

It is not only being in the nature, but also being really thrown back to the basics. In our normal life we spend too much time inside, on board the tall ships you will be spending most of your time outside. At the wheel, steering the ship across the ocean, or up in the masts adjusting the sails or enjoying the view. Furthermore there is no internet on board, it is just you, the ship, the ocean and your fellow sailors. You can imagine that is the prefect break from work and school to come back to who you really are. No quick surroundings or notifications from facebook and instagram, but just you and the elements. This gives you plenty of time to come back to your basic needs and maybe even make plans for the future.

So conclusion, you will do your own body and mind a big favour by joining the Dutch Tall Ships on one of their adventures, let them bring you back to nature.

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