Rotterdam - Sal (Combination voyage) on the Oosterschelde

A review by Wendy

January 31, 2018

It was a great voyage. In the first place because the ship is so beautiful. Secondly, because of the amazing crew. They were cheerful, happy, professional when needed, fun is possible, caring and very good instructors. Also, I thoroughly enjoyed what cook Fennardi cooked for us. We never had a meal twice. Furthermore, I love the freedom that I experience when I’m at sea. It is great not to be disturbed by internet or mobile phones. I was completely relaxed. There is a very clear day/night schedule.. Another thing I loved was that we made unexpected stopovers in two harbors. Falmouth was gorgeous, and I also liked Cascais. In my opinion, the captain has made good choices to stop here.

The highlight of the trip was the New Years Eve party, on board the ship in SantaCruz de Tenerife. We made a dance floor, there were ‘oliebollen’ (a typical Dutch NYE snack) and champagne, and there was a good sound-system, so all the ingredients to make a spectacular party. I want to thank the crew and everyone on board for the great time I had!

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