Hornstrandir: Isafjordur - Isafjordur on the Tecla

A review by Manuel

January 01, 2018

An unforgettable week sailing the Tecla in Iceland. We sailed around the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve and every day was a delight.

In the evening we anchored in beautiful places at the bottom of a new fjord and in the morning, coming up to the deck was always a surprise. Dreamy atmosphere, stunning landscapes, and every time something new to catch the eye, magic reflections on the water, seals, birds…

We went ashore for fantastic hikes which proved to be not only invigorating but also a new source of surprises as the arctic fox in its summer colours in the tiny Hesteyri. On our way to Aedey Island everybody was on deck basking on the sun when someone shouted WHALES!!! And there they were, the amazing whales. Splashing, coming up and down, wagging their tails …

It has been such a fabulous week, sailing the beautiful Tecla and with its wonderful crew! We are looking forward to the next season!

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