North Sea trip: Hamburg - Rotterdam on the Oosterschelde

A review by Henry

October 08, 2019

My brother and I enjoyed the trip immensely! It felt special that in only 4 days, all kinds of weather and wind occurred. The last day of the trip we were lucky to be able to set all the sails, so we could make a fantastic end to this trip. Contact with the crew was, as always, excellent. It was fun to sail under a completely different captain and helmsman than last year on my trip from Oban to Vlissingen. By the way, I often think back to that trip because it was a really great experience, partly due to the beautiful weather and the obligatory weekend ashore in Falmouth (St. Mawes). I have no comments or suggestions. A day obliged to lie in a harbor with bad weather is unforeseen and then people are entertaining themselves. It is nice to be able to actively participate and to be able to do everything. This will also be different individually, partly depending on physical possibilities. We enjoyed it and we would one more time thank the crew for the dedication with which they made this possible.

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22 - 12 - 2020
11 days
price p.p. from
€ 1665