Cruise in Company: Fredrikstad - Bergen on the Oosterschelde

A review by Christine

August 06, 2019

We had a fabulous trip on the Oosterschelde. It was everything we’d hoped for. We first saw the ship in Tarbert on the Isle of Harris. The crew let us go on board and we fell in love with the interior - it even had a piano and our son is a musician. Even though we knew nothing about sailing we decided we wanted to have a holiday on the Oosterschelde.

The office team were understanding as we asked for more information on what would happen during the trip and even asking for photos of the type of clothing and boots we should take.

Our cabin was lovely and we enjoyed a bit more space as we were three in a four-berth. Everything was kept very clean and I was surprised to find crew cleaning brass at 3am to keep everything perfect. The food was excellent and always abundant. Regular coffee breaks were also appreciated and always a good time to chat. The crew were wonderful, always friendly and ready to answer our frequent beginners’ questions. Maarten and Jan-Willem were gentle giants, always understanding when we didn’t get things quite right. Maarten’s talks were funny and informative. He clearly loves the ship.

We were involved in sailing the ship, even steering. I can’t describe what it was like for me to reach the crow’s nest while out at sea. It was a such an achievement for me and gave such a different perspective on life!

I’d recommend sailing on the Oosterschelde for anyone who would like to take a step back from today’s busy world and appreciate beautiful scenery, good food, good company and a sense of freedom. It was wonderful.

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