Bermuda - Azores on the Oosterschelde

A review by Cecile

August 02, 2018

Switch-off your phone, lose track of time, pull ropes, watch dolphins, learn about wind, pull ropes, lose your balance, learn about sailing, stare at the sea, watch dolphins, climb aloft, feed the fish, sunbath, sunburn, stargaze, feast on Dutch food, hoist sails, lower sails, stow sails, coil ropes, watch dolphins, dance on deck, fall from your bed, wake up at four, marvel at bioluminescent plankton, steer that ship, climb higher, see shooting stars, make a wish, make friends, see flying fish, watch a movie on main sail, spot land, watch dolphins, party hard, go back to real life, book your next trip… (did I mention dolphins?)

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28 - 05 - 2020
21 days
price p.p. from
€ 2420


19 - 06 - 2020
23 days
price p.p. from
€ 3450