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Depending on wind a plan will be made to get to St Kilda. Not necessarily an easy job. St Kilda is an island group situated outside the protective circle of Outer Hebrides. The whole of the Atlantic ends on these islands. This makes it a very unique area, one of those places you just have to visit! St Kilda was once inhabited by a population of 75 to 80 people. They maintained the island, kept sheep and some cattle to live from, and they searched for Puffin eggs. In 1930 the population had shrunk to 36 people and thereafter the complete community left the island as food was scarce, and boat connections unreliable. Now you can only visit the islands by ship. On the islands there are still some of the Soay sheep left. But mainly the islands are inhabited by Puffins, Northern Gannets, Leach Petrels and many other birds.

St Kilda is one of our main destinations during this voyage. It is a mysterious place, difficult to reach, beyond the outer Hebrides. A good 40 miles west of the sound of Harris, surrounded by foggy myths it is a prime destination for the adventurous sailor. But what to do when the weather takes a turn for the worst? Sailing from Ullapool the outer Hebrides, our first stop on the way is Hirta (the main Island of the St Kilda archipelago). If we are being held back by the north Atlantic weather the Bishop Isles are a perfect way to see more of Scotland’s marvels! Mingulay is known amongst other things as the “nearby St Kilda”. Geographically closer to civilization, but nonetheless equally isolated. Mingulay’s cause of isolation was not the vastness of the ocean but more so the absence of a safe landing place, vital to bring in the necessary stores and the occasional visit of the priest.

The tale of Mingulay

When the Islands where owned by MacNeil off Barra one day a rent collector by the name of Macphee was dropped off at Mingulay Bay. To his great horror he found every one dead. He rushed back to the landing site and called out to the boats men to pick him up for he feared the residents were victims of the plague. On hearing this the oarsmen rowed for their lives and left Macphee for dead. A whole year poor Macphee lived by himself with only the corpses as sad company. Every day he would climb what is now known as Macphee’s hill and wave at passing ships. The only response was a friendly wave back.

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