Tall Ships Race Stavanger - Harlingen

Competing against other tall ships

Stavanger - Harlingen

Bark Europa

Sat. 28 - 07 - '18
Tue. 08 - 05 - '18

9 days days

890 p.p | 15-25 years

1150 p.p | > 25 years

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Are you looking for a unique opportunity or are you a person who simply loves to see Tall Ships? You are all invited to be part of the Tall Ships Race 2018 in Stavanger. A fleet of international tall ships will participate and compete with each other in the Tall Ships Races. Bark EUROPA will enter the competition field for the last race from Stavanger to Harlingen. During the Stavanger Sail event you will embark on board, to meet the rest of the crew. After embarkation there is no time to lose! We will start with the sail training right away and then we will start the race! We will see the other ships at sea and we'll meet them again at the finish in the port of Harlingen.


Stavanger is a city in the northwest region of Norway and is the capital city of the Rogaland county. Stavanger has been a relatively small city for quite some time, but expanded in the 19th century when the city profited from the fisheries and shipping industries. Only after 1969, when the first oil field was discovered in the North Sea, Stavanger became the centre of the oil industry. The region became one of the most important players of the Norwegian economy and European oil industry.

In Stavanger the charm of a small city is combined with metropolitan liveliness. Stavanger is a university city and received the price of European cultural city of 2008. The old center of Stavanger offers Europe’s best preserved wooden house settlement, consisting of more than 170 white wooden little houses. A bit north from the city begins the Lysefjord, described as one of the most beautiful fjords of the country. The famous rock Preikestolen is part of the Lysefjord.


Harlingen is one of the Frisian eleven cities and has an important harbour for the province. Over 600 monuments outline this harbor city whichs makes it an interesting and lively place to visit. You can walk along the original canals and old warehouses, where local products such as Harlinger pottery were stored before they were exported. Harlingen is also a gateway to the Wadden islands of Terschelling and Vlieland. Harlingen has a beautiful historical port which will be a great finish for the Tall Ships Race of Stavanger. It promises to be a great event after the Tall Ships have arrived in Harlingen!

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