Scheveningen - Douarnenez

North Sea voyage

Scheveningen - Douarnenez


Sat. 21 - 07 - '18
Fri. 27 - 07 - '18

6,5 days

715 p.p | 4 prs cabin

845 p.p | 2 prs cabin

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You will step on board the ‘Oosterschelde’ in the first harbour of Scheveningen on the 21st of July. The crew is happy to welcome you on board and to show you to your cabin. While everyone is coming on board there is coffee and tea and there is time to meet your fellow sailors. As soon as we are complete, the captain will give an introduction about the ship, the (safety)rules and of course about the trip ahead. That same day we depart. In the harbour we set the first sails and a few hours later, at sea, everyone had their first explanation on deck about sailing with a threemaster. The watches will be divided and everyone is encouraged to take part in everything there is to do on board. We sail along the Belgian coast towards the ‘Pas de Calais’ (‘Dover Straigt’ for the Anglophiles). If there is nothing to do with the sails you can help navigating, or preform ropework and maintenance chores. But of course you can also read a book, listen to music, play a game or watch the horizon, waves and the passing ships. Everyone can experience their trip on board the ‘Oosterschelde’ in their own way.

The distance from Rotterdam to Douarnenez is about 450 nautical miles and usually there should be enough time for few nice stops. For example at the French town of Dunkirk or Fécamp, or at one of the Channel Islands. With nice weather we organise a barbecue on deck and with a bit of luck we can grill the fish we caught ourselves.

We hope to make another stop in Brittany. Brittany has a long and beautiful coastline. A few years back we even managed to make a stop at Île d’Ouessant. Our final destination Douarnenez is situated in a beautiful bay and this charming fishing village is well worth a visit. On Thursday the 26th of July we arrive in Douarnenez and the next morning after breakfast it is time to say goodbye.

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