Scheveningen - Cascais

A perfect sailing holiday

Scheveningen - Cascais

Bark Europa

Mon. 03 - 09 - '18
Sat. 15 - 09 - '18

13 days

1300 p.p | 4/6 prs cabin

1560 p.p | 2 prs cabin

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After the Tall Ship Race from Stavanger to Harlingen and a maintenance period, the EUROPA will visit her homeport of Scheveningen one last time before she sets sail South. In four voyages she will sail across the Atlantic Ocean to Montevideo in Uruguay before arriving in Ushuaia for another Antarctic season. The new trainees are welcome on board on September 3rd 2018 in the harbor of Scheveningen. Once we have said goodbye to the Netherlands, we will set sail and sail training commences! Everyone will get the change to practice climbing the rigging and getting to know the dozens of lines and sails on board Europa. Out at sea we will set course for the English Channel, the most sailed waters in the world!


Scheveningen is our homeport where we try to come home to every two years. It’s always a special feeling to be back again! Scheveningen has been a fishermen’s village of origin and although the fishing industry has gradually decreased, the port of Scheveningen is still a lively business! Nowadays, there are different ports which makes it possible to enjoy recreational sailing, professional fishing, sport fishing next to freight transport. There are several restaurants, cafes and bars and the beaches makes Scheveningen a lively seaside resort. Cascais The port of Cascais is located 30 km from Lisbon and is the heart of what is called the Portuguese Riviera. The city made its fortune in the Middle Ages, when it transported fish and other goods to Lisbon. At the end of the 19th century the Portuguese Royal Family constructed a summer residence in the city, where in 1878 the first electrical light of Portugal was installed. Following the Royal Family several other noble families had mansions build in the city, which are still present and can be seen when wandering through the town.

Ocean Sailing
Life at sea is very different from the hectic every day life. Ahead of us are many beautiful sailing days and nights fully of starry skies. The captian monitores the high and low pressure systems carefully to set the right course. Bark Europa is a sail training ship that has build a reputation of being a ship that truly sails. The crew tries to involve all trainees as much as possible in running and sailing the ship. When sailing you take part in a watch system. You can steer, navigate, be lookout, climb the masts, set sail, brace, do rope and canvas work and on long voyages bake bread and assist with the maintenance of this beautiful ship. Even without any sailing experience. Our crew and trainees are international and of all ages. English is the common language on board.

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