Scheveningen - Aalborg

Cross the North Sea and Skagerrak

Scheveningen - Aalborg

Bark Europa

Thu. 27 - 06 - '19
Thu. 04 - 07 - '19

8 days days

815 p.p | 4/6 prs cabin

990 p.p | 2 prs cabin

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After a couple of days in port, where we will enjoy the first SAIL event in our homeport, we'll be looking again for some peace and tranquillity out at sea. We will set sail across the North Sea, through the Jammerbugt, past Skagerrak to the Danish city of Aalborg, were we will meet the international fleet of tall ship for the match of the year. Setting sail to cross the North Sea will require an active crew! The area we will be sailing is one of the busiest shipping routes in the world, so an active lookout is necessary and extra sailing manoeuvres to avoid the shipping lanes might be needed. The area were we will sail, past the Dutch, German and Danish Wadden Sea is very popular by sailors. So we might see a sail or two along the way.


The name Scheveningen is first used in 1280 but the origin of the name and the first inhabitants of the village are not entirely sure. The location specified with the name lies a bit away from the sea, more inland behind the dunes.

In the 12th century, a small fishing village was established and this spot was first called Scheveningen in a document from 1357, when the inhabitants asked a favour of the count who ruled the land. Just like the other villages along the coast, Scheveningen had no harbour and the vessels landed on the beach with their catch. The settlement was only protected by natural dunes and once in a while heavy storms were able to flood it and sweep away the buildings.

In 1655 the fishing village became connected to city of The Hague by a road, replacing the sand path which used to be the only way to get there. Now the village and the beach were easier to reach and it became a popular place for people from the city. Some of the wealthier citizens built vacations homes along the way.

In 1818 the first bathhouse was built, which was back then only a small wooden building. This was swiftly replaced by a building with a central part and two side buildings. Soon, this proved too small and in 1884 the construction on the Kurhaus was started. This building, in Italian Renaissance style burned down the next year, but rebuilding started right away and the new building still exists today. A heavy storm in 1894 was the starting point of construction work on a harbour. It was finished 10 years later and the traditional flat-bottomed ships were replaced by herring luggers. Herring became the main catch of the fleet, and soon an auction location was built to sell the fish.


The city of Aalborg is located around the narrowest point of the Limfjord. The first settlement dates back to Iron Age Vikings around 600 AD, and another to the 9th century.

Aalborg’s position in the limfjord made it an important harbour during the Middle Ages. The town grew due to royal trading privileges and the thriving herring fishing industry. At the beginning of the 19th century, the city lost its important position as a main trading port with Norway and the city came in decline. The prosperity of the city suffered due to a decline in the herring fishing.

Towards the end of the 19th century there was however an upturn, when the bridge over the Limfjord was completed in 1865. The city became connected by train and wealth came back to the city in the form of the production of tobacco, spirits, fertilisers and cement.

In the last 50 years the focus of the city has been shifting from industrialized to a more administrative focus. With its theatres, symphony orchestra, opera company, performance venues, and museums such as Aalborg Historical Museum and the Aalborg Museum of Modern Art, Aalborg is an important cultural hub.


On June 27th you will be welcomed on board. The captain will give a small introduction talk, explaining the planning for the days to come and our crew will show you your cabins.

The next morning it is time to sail! In just a couple of minutes we will leave the port of Scheveningen and we will start setting sail, destination: Aalborg.

Op the morning of July 3rd we will arrive in the harbor of Aalborg, where you will have time to discover this historic place and have a look around the other tall ships which have gathered here. The next morning, after breakfast it is time to say goodbye to your fellow ship mates and leave the ship.

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