Oban - St Mawes

Sail on the Irish sea and Cornwall

Oban - St Mawes


Fri. 31 - 08 - '18
Fri. 07 - 09 - '18

7 days

770 p.p | 4 prs cabin

910 p.p | 2 prs cabin

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On the 31st of August 2018 you travel to the friendly Scottish town Oban where the ‘Oosterschelde’ will be at anchor, waiting for you to step on board. Upon arrival you are welcomed on board with a cup of coffee and the crew will show you to your cabin. There is some time for introductions and the captain will explain all about the life on board, the safety procedures, the weather forecast and of course about the trip. The next morning, we depart at the crack of dawn. The crew will introduce you to the work on deck and together we hoist the sails. Meanwhile the watches are divided and after lunch we start with the watch system. During your watch you help steering, navigating and changing or adjusting the sails. Of course, taking part in the watch system is not mandatory, but we do advise to participate as much as possible. The watch system sets the rhythm on board. You will lose the busy feeling of everyday life quickly when you see the sun rise from the sea during your morning watch. Sailing through the Sound of Jura we see the island Jura and Islay on starboard side. The distance from Oban to St Mawes is about 460 nautical miles so we have to sail quite a bit, but there is enough time to make a few stops along the way to stretch our sea legs on shore.

The rugged west coast of Scotland and England is not the easiest sailing area. The weather can be unstable, and a sheltered headland can be the complete opposite the next day. Therefore, we have to choose our stops in this area based on the weather and the weather forecasts. Everyday the captain will give an update and together we will discuss the possibilities.

On the 6th of September we will arrive in St Mawes. If the weather allows it, we will have a barbecue on deck. The next day it is time to say goodbye to the ‘Oosterschelde’ and the crew.

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