Oban - Inverness

Sail and hike through the Caledonian Canal

Oban - Inverness


Tue. 02 - 10 - '18
Wed. 10 - 10 - '18

7 days

900 p.p | 15-25 years

1250 p.p | > 25 years

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A voyage between Oban and Inverness. First we will have a few stops on the Inner Hebrides, before heading into the Caledonian Canal. Here we will take all the steps with the locks and will have the possibility to walk along the Canal as Tecla makes her way to the next stop.

As we start making our way to the Caledonian Canal a night can be spend at Fort William, at the foot of the Benn Nevis. The Caledonian Canal consists of lochs and man made pieces of canal that connect them. Only 1 third of the canal is man made and was finished building in 1822.


The whole canal is over 60 miles long and has 29 locks. In a speedy crossing it is possible to get through the Caledonian Canal in about 2 days. But don’t get stressed if you are left in your lock when the lockmaster takes his lunch break, it is a beautiful trip, so take your time.

The idea for this voyage is to combine sailing with walks and hikes into the interior of Scotland. Along the canal and into the rugged surroundings there are several planned walks as well as the possibility to plan your own track. This way some of the pieces of canal that can not be sailed through, are spend walking along the canal or with a big circle to the next town where the Tecla will be waiting for you.

Some of the walks will take us along the towpaths. From Torbeck on the edge of Inverness to Loch Tarff (or the other way around) there is a 28 mile long track called the South Loch Ness Trail that was launched in 2011 and is suitable for all kinds of users.

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