Mile maker: Sal - Rotterdam

Sail 'Oosterschelde' to her homeport Rotterdam

Sal - Rotterdam


Fri. 05 - 04 - '19
Fri. 03 - 05 - '19

28 days

1950 p.p | 4 prs cabin

2250 p.p | 2 prs cabin

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From the airport of Sal, you will travel to Palmeira, where the ‘Oosterschelde’ will be waiting for you at anchor in the harbour. The crew will welcome you on board and show you to your cabin. This long voyage offers you the opportunity to experience the true life of a sailor. You will be part of the crew and participate in the watches. Before we leave, the crew will give you extensive instructions. We have an ocean crossing ahead of us, so we will not make many stops.

During the first leg of the voyage we will still be under the influence of the trade wind. That means good weather, but also a firm wind coming from the northeast. We will try to steer upwind, as much north as possible. The first port we visit will be at one of the islands of the Azores. We will stay for a day, so our cook can get fresh groceries and we can store the ship for the next leg. Of course, we will use the time to explore the beautiful island. Due to the temperate climate and the extremely fertile soil the islands normally have a luscious overgrowth. After this stop we continue our voyage towards Rotterdam. It is springtime, so there is good chance that we will encounter some bad weather underway. Luckily in those cases, the wind direction is usually east, which is favourable for us. Near the Azores, the chances are high that we will spot whales, but also further along the trip we will not be alone. Even this far out at sea there will be many birds surrounding us and every now and then we will spot an Ocean Sunfish, dolphins and other sea life. As we draw closer to the English Canal, the water turns from the deep blue of the Atlantic Ocean to the somewhat greenish water. There where the continental shelf starts, and the sea-bottom rises from 5 kilometres to 200 metres. If wind and weather are favourable we will have some time for a stop in an English or French port or on one of the Channel Islands. At the end of April, we will sail through the Strait of Dover into the North Sea and we will be back in Rotterdam on the 3rd of May.

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