Douarnenez - Oban

Sail on the Irish sea

Douarnenez - Oban


Mon. 30 - 07 - '18
Wed. 08 - 08 - '18

10 days

850 p.p | 4 prs cabin

990 p.p | 2 prs cabin

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From Douarnenez to Oban we will have to 550 nautical miles to cover. A big part will be on the open water to the Irish Sea. So we need a bit of luck with the direction of the wind. We are not hoping for northwestern wind, but with wind from all other directions we will be able to cover quite some distance during the first few days. Once we reach the Irish Sea and near the Scottish coast there are lots of beautiful bays and anchor spots to enjoy during the last days of our voyage.

Day 1 You will embark in Douarnenez. This typical Breton fishing village has a beautiful historic city centre. The ship will be in the harbour, but due to the tide difference of about 6 meters it is possible that it is not possible to come on board with the gangway, but that the crew will come and pick you up with the dinghy. The crew will show you to your cabin and the captain will welcome you on board and explains about the ship and safety on board. Everyone will get the chance to introduce him or herself. The captain will discuss the last weather forecasts and we prepare for our crossing from Biscay to the Irish Sea

Day 2 to 5 We are at sea and the whole group will be divided into watches. Everyone get’s tasks steering, navigating, adjusting sails or on the lookout. There is a lot to see along the way. We can expect visits from dolphins and maybe we can even spot the fin of the huge sunfish (moonfish). There will be a lot of sea birds especially on the edge of the continental shelf. On the border of the English Channel and Atlantic Ocean the sea is filled with fish and hundred of gannets forage here. Of course this rich sea attracts a lot of fishing boats and we also cross the busy shipping lanes to and from the big ports in Europe. We won’t get bored.

Day 6 and 7 Once we have reached the Irish Sea we will see much less ships. We will sail through this beautiful area with lots of islands and rocks. In one of the bays we will drop our anchor for a walk on shore and/or a barbecue on deck.

Day 8 We can take it slow from here. On the west coast of Mull we will find lots of small rocky islands. The island Staffa raises steep from the bottom of the sea. Many birds habit this island. Mendelssohn got inspired on the island Staffa to compose the Hebrides overture. With the dinghies we go to Fingal’s Cave, a deep basalt cave that is described in the overture. We go on shore for a walk.

Day 9 In the afternoon we arrive in Oban. This busy town is situated in a bay and is well worth a visit. The harbour is being used by fishermen and ferries to the many islands. After our long trip it is nice to end it with a beautiful walk or a visit to a local pub.

Day 10 After breakfast we say goodbye to the ship, crew and each other return home.

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