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After our stop in tropical Africa the bow of the EUROPA turns to the West and sets sail to Montevideo, Uruguay. This true ocean crossing takes just over a month. Along the way we will see less and less other vessels around and when we do see one we try to contact the crew for a chat. During the night the ship continues her sail. Nothing is more spectacular than the starry sky at sea! Its a rare sight in our busy world with articifial lights. Another impressive mark during this voyage is the crossing of the Equator. When crossing this 'line' it is a ritual to honor king Neptune with an offer. In return the King himself will visit the ship and makes all pollywogs into hardened shellbacks.

Cape Verde

The islands of Cape Verde are situated in the Atlantic Ocean, over 600 kilometers west of Senegal at approximately 16 degrees North. Cape Verde consists of 9 inhabited and a few uninhabited islands.

Cape Verde was discovered by Portuguese navigators in 1456. After the foundation of the first permanent European settlement in the tropics of Ribeira Grande in 1462 was established, the islands became an important station in the transatlantic slave trade. However, the islands’ prosperity brought also unwanted attention in the form of many pirates.

From the 18th century onwards, deforestation and overgrazing resulted in many droughts. To escape hunger, many people left the islands and migrated to New England to work on American whaling ships. Only after the fall of the dictator Salazar, Cape Verde gained its independence in 1975.

Cape Verde has a tropical climate. The sea temperature stays around 25 degrees Celsius and the often-strong trade winds originate from the northeast. It rarely rains and the bright sun shines constantly. On some days the fine dusty desert sand limits the sunlight (and even your sight). All islands are volcanic, but at the same time the terrain varies widely. The landscape consists of steep terrace fields with bananas and coffee plantations, sand deserts, black volcano’s and a fierce deep blue ocean. On some of the islands rare seabirds can be found. The waters are full of fly-fish, tuna, sea turtles and whales.
After just over a month at sea it is time to stretch those sea legs on shore. After a voyage full of adventures with doldrums, swimming, lunch on deck, nice sailing, climbing the rigging and steering the ship the EUROPA arrives at Montevideo.


Montevideo is the capital and largest city of Uruguay. The city was founded by Spanish troops as a means to counter the maritime power of Buenos Aires in the region. Halfway through the 19th century the city was the battle ground of opposing government groups. After a cease fire, the city had time to develop and the city grew fast. Modern discoveries where added to the developing city, with the first electricity being installed in 1886 along with telephones and a train service.

The city is located along the estuary of Rio de la Plata, which is around 200 km wide at the location of the city. Along this estuary, you can also find world’s longest sidewalk, 13,7 km long! The natural bay on which the city is located is situated in such a way that also for road transport Montevideo is an important stop between Buenos Aires and Porto Alegre in Brazil. One of the most popular places in the city is the Mercado del Puerto, the old harbor market in the Ciudad Vieja, where a lot of bars and restaurants are located.

Today the city does no longer have its once revolutionary railroad, but it has a bus service which drives all around town. Another option are the brightly colored yellow and black taxi’s which can be found all over town.

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