Amsterdam - Ullapool

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Amsterdam - Ullapool


Tue. 09 - 04 - '19
Mon. 22 - 04 - '19

14 days days

1400 p.p | 15-25 years

1680 p.p | > 25 years

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This voyage is all about sailing the North Sea and discovering the Orkney Islands in early spring-time. Setting sail from Amsterdam, this voyage will take us north to the Orkney and maybe even Shetland Islands before disembarking in Ullapool. The weather in April is still very unpredictable, so this voyage really depends on wind and weather. It might mean we could have to wait for a good wind on the Orkney Islands, while sheltering in a bay. That would give us a great opportunity to walk up the hill and visit for example the Higland Park Whiskey Distillery.

Set sail across the North Sea and spend some days on some of the most majestical islands of Scotland – the Orkneys and Outer Hebrides. Vikings used to roam here and history can be absorbed on the islands. The Orkneys were first inhabited the fourth millennia before Christ. Archeological finds are scattered all over the islands. Skara Brae offers some of the best views, finds and walks. In Stornoway, we might spend a day exploring the sites of Gearannan black house village and the Callanish standing stones. In the evening sail can be set again with destination Hoy. Orkney’s second largest Island rises dramatically from the sea with Ward Hill towering 480 meters above sea level. And if the winds have been favorable and the crossing speedy, we will have time for a stop on the Outer Hebrides.

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