Falmouth - Flushing

Crossing the Channel

Falmouth - Flushing


Sun. 09 - 09 - '18
Sat. 15 - 09 - '18

6 days

660 p.p | 4 prs cabin

780 p.p | 2 prs cabin

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The English Channel is an interesting sailing area. The Atlantic Ocean turns into a coastal sea and right there where the continental shelf rises there is lots to see. The water is eutrophic, so there is a lot of fish and naturally this attracts lots of fish eaters. Birds like the mighty gannets, but also many other species. And of course dolphins, but there are also a lot of fishing vessels. And all the shipping lanes from the Atlantic Ocean meet here. So, in short, there is a lot to see! The distance to Flushing is a bit over 340 miles. This means we should have time for a stop, and maybe even two stops. But the main goals is to sail!

The channel becomes more narrow and after a few days of sailing, we pass the Strait of Dover. If there is good visibility we are able to spot the chalk-cliffs of Great Britain and France at the same time. It is busy with traffic. Besides other vessels we see more and more windmill parks when we get closer to Flushing. Impressive and good for the environment, but also challenging for navigation.

Meanwhile, we have become a good team. Taking sails away or hoisting them. Jibbing or tacking: we can do it all because everyone has been participating the watch system and learned everything there is to learn. It is almost a pity when we get to Flushing.


On this voyage, you will have to arrange your own transfer. Prices depend on availability and time of booking. Tips for getting to Falmouth:

  1. By train- from many parts of the country you can catch a train to Truro (change there to get the train to Falmouth Town)
  2. By Coach: National Express coaches operate coach trips to Falmouth during the summer months. – cheap way to get there.
  3. By Air: You can catch a plan to Newquay airport, but from there it is about 40 miles away from Falmouth. You can catch a taxi to Truro and then use the train to get to Falmouth which would be cheaper than getting a taxi all the way to the Falmouth from Newquay.
  4. You can also fly directly into Exeter airport which has more international flights, from there you can catch the train to Truro and change for Falmouth.

From Flushing you can catch the train to Amsterdam and in 2,5 hours you will be at Schiphol Airport.

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