Iceland and Greenland

Discover Iceland and Greenland

Situated on the Mid Atlantic ridge at the edge of the arctic circle, there is Iceland. Home to Europe’s largest glaciers, volcanoes, hot springs and rugged fjords. Iceland invites us to explore its vast and diverse land scape. Be amazed when the Aurora Borealis fills Iceland’s night skies. Enjoy midsummer nights on the Polar Circle and find out if the sun really doesn’t dip. Hike up the green slopes of Grimsey and be intrigued by the thousands and thousands of puffins who are part of Iceland’s rich bird life. When sailing amongst the fjords it is not unlikely to stumble across one of the many species of whales visiting the shores of Iceland. Our trip along the West and North coast are a mixture of cultural and natural visits.

Inspiring voyages


Feel the wind in your hair and the salty breeze in your face


The first impression I had when I got on board was that of entering a movie scene


Last night we saw the moon rise, a blood-orange colour which slowly dissolved into a bright white that embellished the midnight swells and illuminated the rigging; quite spectacular!