Weather Permitting

Be careful Ocean sailing can be addictive

“I joined the ship in Salvador, Brazil, and we hope to sail around the Horn in the next few weeks from East to West weather permitting. My wife and children were a bit apprehensive about me undertaking this voyage, but my three-year-old grandson asked if he could come with me! I had forgotten the tranquility of being on the high seas with just the wind, waves and the sky forever changing.”


“From light winds to a blowing gale, calm seas to massive waves, the deep blue color of the sea and the intensity of the stars at night. No cell phones that beep at you, no Twitter Feed, no LinkedIn, Facebook or other electronic distractions, just the occasional email to or from home. Bliss!”

Inspiring voyages

Bark Europa

15 - 12 - 2019
24 days
price p.p. from
€ 8790

Bark Europa

15 - 07 - 2019
9 days days
price p.p. from
€ 900


05 - 08 - 2019
10 days
price p.p. from
€ 1500


16 - 09 - 2019
5 days
price p.p. from
€ 550