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The three Dutch Tall Ships ‘Tecla’, bark ‘Europa’ and ‘Oosterschelde’ are sailing around the world, wandering the oceans and following the old trade routes of historic times. You can be part of our adventure and sail with us on a part of this voyage. All separate legs can be joined by individual guest crew members and booked at the individual shipping companies offices.
Read more on this website about the route, the ships and about joining our voyage.

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Our voyage brings us from Cape Town, South Africa to Mauritius, sailing in the area of the sardine run. We cross the Indian Ocean from Mauritius to Fremantle, Australia for a 12 day expedition telling the story about the ‘Batavia’, which was wrecked on Morning Reef in the Houtman Abrolhos. The shipwreck was a prelude to an extraordinary tragedy.

In Adelaide, Melbourne, Hobart and Sydney we will take part in various tall ship events and festivities.

On October 5th, 2013, the ships will represent the Netherlands during the International Fleet Review of the Australian Navy, commemorating the centenary of the first entry of the Royal Australian Navy into Sydney.

After this event we will do our utmost to get good results in the Tall Ships Regatta to Auckland, New Zealand. Here, we start preparations for our long journey around Cape Horn late October 2013. The Falklands, South Georgia, Antarctica, Buenos Aires, Ascension Island and Horta (Azores) are some of the destinations ‘Oosterschelde’, ‘Europa’ and ‘Tecla’ will find on their way home to the Netherlands.

Do you want to join the ‘Oosterschelde’ or ‘Europa’ or ‘Tecla’ on this unique voyage? See here the sailing schedule for details about specific dates and ports.



Wonderful sail on board ‘Tecla’ from Horta to Falmouth and beyond

Starting on the Azores we will take some time to explore some of the islands, and then hopefully with favourable winds we will set sail to the English Channel. The exact finishing harbour is to be determined in a later stadium. We will make sure it is a harbour with enough possibilities to travel to and from.
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barkeu kleiner

Final Bunk (m) available on ‘Europa’ : sail from Horta to Amsterdam

Due to a cancellation a bunk has opened up on the Bark ‘Europa’ on the voyage voyage from Horta (Azores) to Amsterdam (Netherlands). If you are a individual travelling man this is the voyage for you! Come on join the ship and sail with us!
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Schermafbeelding 2014-04-15 om 17.15.40

‘Tecla’ is at one degree off the equator!

Only 69 miles before we hit the equator, doldrum area. We are on a course of 025 degrees, so it will take us a little longer, but we are definitely entering the party zone of King Neptune.
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You are invited to participate on these traditional sailing ships during one or more legs of this historic global circumnavigation. No sailing experience is required. All nationalities and ages can participate. Do you want to join us? Click here for a booking form, the following journeys are scheduled:

To Antarctica or to the warmer waters of Buenos Aires
After rounding Cape Horn, ‘Oosterschelde’ and Bark ‘Europa’ will prepare themselves for a few Antarctica expeditions. ‘Tecla’ will head to warmer waters, they are sailing to Buenos Aires (Argentina) and onwards to Santos, Brazil.

Special homecoming trips
All three ships will slowly be sailing back home, all three ships will take their own routes to the Netherlands. ‘Tecla’ will be sailing from Brazil via Bermuda and the Azores back home. And Bark ‘Europa’ will try to visit some remote places and Islands on their way up North; Antarctica, South Georgia, Tristan da Cunha, St Helena, Ascension and to the Azores. Maybe Bark ‘Europa’ and ‘Tecla’ will even meet up at the Azores, they scheduled to be there around the same time. ‘Oosterschelde’ will sail in a large S-shaped curve from the South Atlantic Ocean to the North Atlantic Ocean, through the major weather systems of the world. From the cold mountains of Patagonia towards the tropic waters of the equator and further up north. Three ships and three unique ways to travel back from the South to the North, an experience of a life time!

Tall Ships Races 2014
All three ships will join in the Tall Ships races 2014 and Harlingen and Frederikstad, and ‘Tecla’ and ‘Oosterschelde” will also be involved in the Tall Ships festivities in Bergen and Esjberg. Bark ‘Europa’ however, will go back to the Netherlands to prepare herself again for a long voyage to the South, to Chile and the Antarctic waters.

Want to know all details on the scheduled voyages? Check the sailing schedules on the website of the individual ships.
Join? Contact the individual shipping companies through their own sites and email addresses:  —  —
Corporate Event Brazil

Besides the possibilities for individual guests it is also for companies and organizations to take part in this unique project by chartering the ship for an event in the harbours we visit. Just like in ancient times, the fleet exists of sailing ships, that differ in size and rigging. All three ships are comfortably equipped and suitable for corporate events, receptions and (private) parties.

An event on board gives you the opportunity to meet colleagues, customers and other invitees in an inspiring ‘Dutch’ environment. The three ships will have a capacity ranging from 20 to 120 persons per ship. It is possible to make use of the ships together or individual, based upon your wishes. The ships provide you with excellent catering possibilities and an exquisite treat by our professional crew.

We can make you a personalised offer based on your wishes. For more information, please contact us via


These ships sail the old trade routes around the world:



The three-masted topsail schooner ‘Oosterschelde’ is the largest restored Dutch sailing ship, and is a monument for Dutch shipbuilding and maritime navigation under sail.

‘Oosterschelde’ made several impressive journeys since her restoration in 1992. For example, she sailed an earlier journey around the world (finished in 1998), made several expeditions to Spitsbergen and sails to Cape Verde in wintertime. But the ship is also in use in domestic and foreign ports for presentation and promotion activities.

Sailing on board ‘Oosterschelde’ is a special experience. No one is a passenger, but is part of the guest crew. We will learn you all about sailing, steering and navigating the ship. 


Bark Europa

Since 1994 the Dutch three-masted bark ‘Europa’ (1911) travels the oceans following the Trade Winds and developed a reputation as a ship which “really sails”. The ‘Europa’ is powered by canvas and co-operation, with a professional crew of 14 and a maximum compliment of 48 voyage crew-members of all ages and nationalities.

Tall ship lovers, also without seafairing experience, can help the permanent crew by taking the helm, assisting with navigation, hoisting and furling squaresails on the yards. Towering above the deck are the three lofty masts carrying 12 yards.

The atmosphere on board is relaxed and friendly, and the classic interior has many authentic details, reflecting maritime history. The comfortable cabins for two, four or six persons each have their own bathroom. 



‘Tecla’ was built in 1915 in Vlaardingen, she is owned and sailed by a family of four professional sailors. They have owned the Tecla since 2006 and sail her with passion. The ‘Tecla’ is a fast sailor, built for the North Sea. Her rigging is as traditional as it gets. A two mast Ketch with topsails and different sizes foresails for light weather.

The appearance of the Tecla is kept as traditional as possible. Her crew has a special love for traditional looks and know how to combine this with modern techniques and equipment.

On board the crew works with a sail training program, set up to get the best out of everybody. The sail training program is built up in such a way that how ever long you would stay on board, you will get the most out of your time on board.

Get on board now, sail this traditional beauty!

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